Agent 355 – By Grace M

Agent 355 was an intelligent yet forgotten spy for George Washington during the American Revolution.  “355” was a code for the word lady. She was also one of Washington’s most trusted informants. Not only was she a female, she was also one of the first American spies. But people have their suspicions about her, especially since her true identity is unknown. Some people believe that there was never an “Agent 355” but, rather, she was just a lady who helped and not a formal spy. Although this is a valid opinion, there is evidence to suggest that she made a difference in American history.

Her intelligence helped greatly in the American Revolution. She passed down information using codes that only people in the “Culper Ring,” the group of spies who helped Washington, could decipher. She was a member of a wealthy Tory family and had information about the opposition that she gathered by attending social events among New York British.

Agent 355 helped not only in the revolution, but also helped with major events in history such as exposing the British intelligence officer, John Andre, and the infamous Benedict Arnold. Unfortunately, that eventually led to her death. After exposing Arnold she was put on a prisoners ship. She was also pregnant at this point so she gave birth to Robert Townsend Jr. She eventually died on the ship.

She did not die forever, though: you can spot Agent 355 in modern television shows, comics, and video games.  For example, in “Turn: Washington’s Spies” a character is based off of her. In ”Assassin’s Creed 3” there is also a character based off of her named “355”.  She also appears in a comic called “V: The Last Man” that has their own version of Agent 355. Overall, this woman potentially helped make our country.

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