What to Wear and How to Wear It

  • Daisies can chose from a bright blue tunic or vest
  • Brownies have a choice of a brown vest or a sash
  • Juniors can sport a green vest or wear a sash
  • Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors have a new vest or sash with added functionality or classic vest or sash
  • Adults can purchase navy vests or chose to wear navy blue business attire. For some events we also wear white tops with khaki bottoms in line with our older girls.

For parades, ceremonies and events where we want to show a more unified and respectful look we ask adults and scouts to wear khaki bottoms, a plain white top along with their vest/sash/tunic.

If a sash/tunic/vest, have not been purchased prior to the event, the khaki skirt/shorts/pants and white top can be worn.

Flag Ceremony with seniors daisies and a junior
Seniors, Cadettes, a Junior Scout and two Daisies in formal attire
Juniors and Cadettes in uniform
Bridging Brownies