When you start contacting your troop for the fall, you might want to let all those parents and scouts who tell you,”I can’t make the meetings! What else can I do?” about the Juliette option. You can even cut and paste this whole message and send to your troop via email if you’d like. For those who aren’t familiar with Juliettes, registering as a Juliette lets you be a Girl Scout only without a troop–that is, you can participate in service unit activities (like International Day) and programs in the Program Booklets, as well as complete badge work and even work towards any award that troop scouts can. The key is having a parent or guardian who will keep in contact with council and the service unit manager.

Here’s how you use the GSUSA registration form to register as a Juliette: In the lower right hand corner, there’s a box labeled “Troop.” If you are using your preprinted early registration form, you cross out the troop number and write in “000,” which is the code for Juliettes. Then, that scout will receive Program materials and other scout literature by mail all year. For Cornwall news, all registered Juliettes will have to contact one of the Service Unit Leadership Team with their email addresses, and we will be sure to email them all service unit news to keep everyone in the loop.