Leader Suggestions

I used Field Trip Factory to book a field trip to Hannaford. It is a good website for a few local field trips, mainly Hannaford, Michaels, Petco, and Stop and Shop. Some are tours and some are self-guided but it has lots of print-outs and useful information. http://www.fieldtripfactory.com/ – Caroline

Working on the Senses Badge we tried the Braille strips using glue and found it helps if the strips are enlarged a bit and the girls fill out the strip in pen first. Another way might be using glue dots. The smaller strips were tougher than we thought so here’s an enlarged sheet. Braille Strip  –

To see the promise in ASL this youtube video is helpful promise in ASL. There is another version (closer to what is in the book) but it is not ASL but Signed English – Robin

We collected food for the Hudson Valley Food Bank then delivered it and took a tour as part of our work to complete the GSHH Food Patch – I Can Help around the holidays.  They also created a poster about hunger in our community which they presented at their school.  – Caroline

Main  Street Music & Art Studio can customize art classes to suit your troop’s needs. We did 2 Brownie Painting Badge workshops (1 at each location) which the girls loved! Contact 845-534-2812 for more information.

A non-profit Step It Productions offers a 2 hour per day, 2 day Brownie Badge workshop at Step by Step Dance Studio.  Speak with Ronda to arrange a workshop for your troop.