Daisy Garden

We, the Scouts of Troop 48, have started a Daisy Garden for other scouts to use.

We could use some help with:

  • Watering
  • Weeding
  • Fencing
    • new fence/chicken wire around sides
    • back fence (a stockade fence) needs some slats replaced, all slats painted and hopefully down the road each troop will pick a flower and paint one slat with that plant’s color.
    • need front gate
    • need trellis for morning glories to grow on -maybe around the front gate
  • Planting – this garden represents the flowers introduced in Daisies each one with a specific color and associated with a specific law:
    • Daisies (planted a few)
    • Lupines (planted a few)
    • Sunflowers – started some and look to start some more as part of a Daisy Journey
    • Zinnia
    • Tulips – planted up front
    • Marigolds – planted
    • Morning Glories (need arch for them to climb on)
    • Geraniums
    • Clover – started and growing in lower left quadrant
    • Roses (need container to grow in)
    • Violets  (will grow as ground cover along with clover)

Possible Badges to earn

Daisies – Outdoor Art Maker, Any of the petals but especially, Rosie & Clover

Brownies – Outdoor Art Creator #1, #2 & #5

Juniors – Flowers & Gardener

Cadettes – Outdoor Art Apprentice #1-b, 5-a,b,c

Possible journey take action projects

  • Have Daisies help plant as part of their Welcome to the Daisy Garden project & Between Earth & Sky
  • Have a troop start a composting bin
  • Create story plaques to place around the garden telling about each flower and what she stands for
  • Walkway through the garden – maybe sell bricks to raise money for the fencing and gate
  • bird bath
  • bee bath
  • rain barrel as part of a Brownie wonders of water project to make watering the plants easier with some caveats**

**rain barrel – can’t be attached to the cabin because of the black walnut trees. must have screening to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.