In Memory of Lia

I began my silver project because I felt my friends memory should be carried out. I knew a bunch of my friends felt the same way. So I started to think about a way I could continue her spirt. I remembered hoping there was an award given out at my graduation. When there wasn’t, I realized that from 10 years from now everyone who knew her will be graduated and moving all around the place. So by giving out the award kids who were our age when she passed away will learn about her in ten and even over thirty years from now. I’ve been dancing will Lia since I was 4 and when I learned that we did a dance workshop together I thought that I would be good to introduce dance to younger girls just like me and Lia were and we both loved it and still continued to later on in life. When I saw the fence I realized that painting it would add color to the world just like Lia did with her smile. I painted the fence purple because she loved the color.

Dance workshop

First you need to find a studio willing to allow you to hold a workshop. I used Step By Step dance studio. You also need to find helpers willing to follow and help you with all the kids. After finding a studio and helpers, you need to make a plan. By looking at the dancer badge you can find out all the requirements of the badge. Select what works best for your group these are what I chose:

  1. Warm up and get moving- get flexible (stretches)
  2. Try a new dance – Ask a dancer (me and the helpers) for help to show some moves
  3. Take to the floor like a dancer – Head to the studio
  4. Make up your own dance – each group made up their own dance
  5. Show your moves! Throw a dance party – the last part of the workshop was where we all performed for each other.

I started off with stretches to warm up the kids. I then taught them a little combo and then split them up and sent them to 1 helper per 2 kids. Then we went to lunch. After lunch we reviewed then showed each other and the parents the combo. I then took out the mat to show each other their tricks or moves. They loved it. To finish up we played freeze tag and the parachute game. The parachute game is a parachute with handles. Every kid grabs a side then when I call a category that applies to them they all run under to the other side. Before they all left we all ran underneath and said what we liked and then left and they all had the biggest smile on their face.

Parachute game at the dance session for daisies
Certificate I designed with my friend Tyler