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Not an official registration form but it gives us some info regarding your daughter, what grade, what school, etc. Leaders are needed, so we may not be able to place your daughter immediately but we will try our best and contact you when there is an opening or with other options. Please enter your daughter’s current grade if filling out the form before May 31; from June on, please put the grade she will be going into in September.

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    Leaders and other adult help is vital to our success

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    If they are looking to join a troop, please fill out another interest form.
    If they are a twin and the rest of information is the same, please enter first name here

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    Registration Forms

    If you are not registered with a specific troop already, you can still participate as a Juliette in Council and Service Unit activities and we will actively search for a troop that meets your needs.  Fill the contact form above to start the process.

    Registration is for October 1 – September 30 and the cost is $25.00.

    We will do our absolute best to place girls in a troop but placement is dependent on having leaders available. If a Troop is not available, your daughter will be a Juliette and able to participate in Unit and Council activities.

    Girls and adults may register and re-register on line at Girl Scouts of the Hudson Highlands website . Customer Service at GSHH is very helpful and can answer most of your registration questions immediately.

    For many of our forms it is necessary that you have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine. If you cannot open a file, p go to get the free software.

    Interest in Registering / Looking for a Troop to Join – please contact  Robin Hastey at registrar (as per welcome page add to complete address)

    Leaders Needed – Free Training Available

    Troop Booklet – for leaders to adapt for their troop.  It is printed on legal size paper and turned into a booklet.  E-mail Robin, if you need the instructions as they were recently removed from the GS website. This is a word document Troop Booklet.