Hudson Highland Nature Museum Workshops

In the Fall:

Daisies – Between Earth and Sky Journey (Blue Bucket and Firefly)  – Already passed for 2015 but is an annual workshop Daisy Workshops

Brownies – WOW (Wonders of Water) Journey (Love and Save Water) Sunday 10/24 1:45-4pm Brownie Workshops – have offered Bugs, Hiker and Letterboxer skill badges in the past.

Junior – Get Moving (Energize) Workshop Sunday 11/15 1:45-4:00pm Junior Workshops

Cadette – Breathe (Aware) Saturday 12/5 1:45-4pm Cadette Workshops

In the Spring the Museum  offers badge specific workshops – Letterboxer, Detective, Bugs, for a few examples.

You can also make arrangements with the Museum for a workshop on alternate dates for a minimum of $150 (10 girls). Dates are limited. And if your troop is too small to meet the 10 girl minimum, see if other troops in our area would like to join you. Programs may change, please check the Museum’s site for details.

Field Trip Factory

It is a good website for a few local field trips, mainly Hannaford, Michaels, Petco, and Stop and Shop. Some are tours and some and self-guided but it has lots of print-outs and useful information.

Put the Out Back in Scouting

More details shortly but heard we might be walking across the Hudson as part of this program.

Various Workshops

are held through our local council, including the Home Scientist, which recently was held at the New Windsor Marasco Senior Center.

The  Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Site and GSHH offer Bugs and Hiker badge workshops. Check out the GSHH programming page for upcoming workshops.

The Goshen Harness Racing Museum offers tours and a patch program for scouts of all levels which are either $4 or $8 (depending on whether you want the tour only or more involved and individually tailored patch program). Leaders are free.

Storm King Art Center

We are incredibly lucky to live next to such a world class museum – along with art, they also have bees/bee keeping and a wide selection of natural flora.  The native trees, grasses and flowers can be used as examples for the “It’s Your Planet – Love It” series of journeys.